Decant/Sample Best From Titan, Titan Skinn Verge, Amalfi Bleu, Titan Skinn Raw 10ml x3

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Buy Decant Pack of Titan Skinn Verge, Amalfi Bleu, Titan Skinn Raw 10ml x3 Titan Skinn Amalfi Bleu Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent sea, this refreshing aquatic scent transports you to the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast. This fragrance captures the spirit of the blooming flowers and fluttering orange leaves in the cool Mediterranean breeze. Crafted in France by the best perfumers in the world Inspiration: Crafted in France by Master Perfumers Thierry Bessard and Alexandre Freile. They were inspired by the fresh Mediterranean breeze flowing through the lush orchards to create this captivating fragrance. Titan Skinn Raw Skinn is a French Eau De Parfum, created by the renowned and celebrated French perfumer Olivier Pescheux. The perfume emits a distinct and refreshing aroma with a fusion of watery fruits, bergamot and manderine on the top note. While the middle note is a combination of violet leaves, pomarose and geranium, patchouli fraction Indonesia, gaiac wood, cashmeran and ambermax form the base note. This fragrance has its origins in France and belongs to the Fougere family. It is skin-friendly since it is dermatologically tested.
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