Lattafa Fakhar For Men EDP 100ml

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Buy Lattafa Fakhar Online in India at best price from Aar Fragrances. Lattafa Fakhar For Men is woody union along with elegant notes of violet leaf, masculine nutmeg and bergamot. The heart accentuates clary sage, tart geranium and orange blossom finely spiced with coriander, while tonka, patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood linger in trail, which attract our attention with strong creamy shades.
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  • Arvind Singh


    Discovered this perfume from a youtube channel and bought after hearing good reviews. Best in budget for date night situation.

  • Rajeev Pandey


    clone or inspired perfume of YSL Y EDP

  • Rahul Roy


    First of all i got my perfume within 3 days, packaging of aarfragances was top notch. And finally perfume as expected, above my expectations. Total worth it .

  • Anurag Singh


    I am using this perfume regularly. specially in winter season.

  • Atual sharma


    fragrance is Awesome. I have never expected of this perfume.but I give 100/100 marks.it is a master piece of perfume in low budget.

  • rahul raj


    if you perfume lover so it is a best perfume without any doubt.Go and buy .

  • Ravi kumar


    I have use this perfume and I feel that is best perfume for Men.without any doubt I am always buy it.

  • Mohit verma


    someone tell me to buy this product and you are not a disappointment about fragrance. that is right i am not disappointment of this product.

  • Jackson


    I have never seen perfume like that. it fragrances is awesome and unique. actually it is a most famous perfume. i love it really.

  • Pulkeet roy


    this perfume have no need to explain and this perfume is awesome and fragrance is great that why i give him 5 star.

  • Pulkeet roy


    this perfume have no need to explain and this perfume is awesome and fragrance is great that why i give him 5 star.

  • Raffeck


    Guy's must buy this perfume. the fragrance is awesome and long lasting.

  • Aman sharma


    Longevity and projection is average, but lasts long as a skin scent. Price/performance is absolutely superior and One Hundred% original perfume.

  • Narender kumar


    100% original and authentic product.

  • vivek kumar


    it is my favourite perfume. the fragrance is little sweet and wonderful.

  • Yutta


    fakhar perfume mere man pasand perfume me se ek hai. Or before going to office my first step is apply to fakhar on my body.

  • Abhijeet sharma


    Without any doubt ,it is a best perfume for all session. but specially in summer session. it fragrance feel like a awesome and wonderful. 200% original and authentic product. that why i give 5 Star.

  • karan kumar


    100 percent original product and authenticity is genuine. I love this product, specially fragrances. best budget perfume.

  • S. Ahmed


    The Scent profile is just average. Seems really Watered down. Very weak Longevity. Stays hardly for 30 minutes. Highly Disappointed.

  • Sandeep Yov


    fakhar is best summer perfume. it fragrance like little bubble gummy and fresh. but it is authentic product of Lattafa.

  • Yash singh


    It arrived in one piece in beautiful packaging. I am a fan of house of Lattafa. I’ve not been disappointed by Lattafa. This is one of my favorite from Lattafa. thanks aarfragrances.