Decant/Sample Feel of Ultramale Afnan 9 PM and Lattafa Ramz Silver 10ml x2

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Buy Decant Pack Of Afnan 9 PM and Lattafa Ramz Silver 10ml Each Online in India at best price from Aar Fragrances. Ramz Silver Inspired by JPG Ultramale Perfume Ramz Silver Eau de Parfum by Lattafa is a smooth, elegant men's fragrance with a warm blend of citrus, vanilla, Tonka and heliotrope. A luxurious perfume with a sensual aura that is well suited to any occasion.Afnan 9 PM Black is perfect evening outings, in which vanilla, bitter chocolate, and musk will enchant you with a delicate combination. Afnan Perfumes offers an exciting range of scents that are designed to evoke a sense of adventure and culture and to bridge the divide between the western world and the eastern one. Made with some of France’s finest natural materials and crafted by perfumers who understand how to balance such strong flavor. Very Good performance.
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  • Ashwani


    Both Perfume smell is awesome best fragrance for men..